Controversial Posts

Hey everyone! So it’s been about four months since I last posted, because it has been a busy summer for us. Not busy in the sense of running around everywhere, but busy in our home. My daughter is growing so fast, learning everyday, and running all over the place. We have been spending many days swinging at the park (one of her favorite things to do).


I’m soaking in every. single. minute. I have seriously never experienced any greater joy (outside of salvation in Christ and marrying the love of my life) than motherhood. I’ve been busy playing with her, laughing with her, doing activities, being outside (a lot!), and doing life together with her (like gardening, laundry, cooking, etc.). She is the best little helper.

As cooler weather approaches (well, it was 91 degrees out today, so maybe it’s not coming too quickly), I plan on getting back into writing a bit. I’m not sure that my posts will be weekly, but after my baby girl is all tucked into bed, I enjoy spending time unwinding from the day through reading or writing.

Since it’s been a while since I’ve posted, I wanted to sort of re-share what my heart is behind this blog. I find that so many people have a voice online today through social media – and so many people get so quickly offended by one another (especially mom’s it seems). My blog is not to target mother’s who are different than me, but to encourage mother’s who are similar, or to help a mother who is searching for encouragement in an area she’s unsure of.

Please remember, just because I post something that I’m passionate about, does not mean I’m claiming it to be the best or only way. My husband and I continually seek the Lord’s heart on how we should live and raise our daughter, and I’m always open to however God wants to change me and shape me as His child. I hope that in sharing my heart, other hearts are changed if it’s the Lord’s will for your family.  I also hope that you’ll comment and share your heart with me as well. I have so much growing to do, and am not an expert on being a wife, mother, or homemaker.

Many things I post about are things I’m passionate about, things I enjoy, or personal convictions. So if you feel a lot of passion in my posts, please keep in mind that I’m not posting anything to come against anyone who chooses to do things differently. 🙂

So here is a quick glimpse of some things I’m passionate about:

-My faith in Jesus first and foremost

-My husband / Being a godly wife

-My daughter / Being a godly mother / Allowing the Lord total control in planning our family

-Being a homemaker / Taking care of our home through cooking, cleaning, etc. / Sharing recipes

-Living a natural, toxic free lifestyle (with food, body products, household products, etc.)

-Using natural remedies before medicine when possible

-Eating organic / Growing our own organic, non-GMO food

-Attachment parenting (I think labeling is a little silly – but I definitely fit into this category) / Baby-wearing / Co-sleeping (safely) / Breastfeeding (past the typical one year mark), Cloth diapering

Hopefully this can give you an idea of what’s to come (and some of what’s already been shared on this blog). I can’t say enough how great it is when I receive your comments – they encourage me, and motivate me to continue on this walk of striving to be a godly woman.