A Special Announcement!

I have a special announcement! (No, I’m not pregnant.) I haven’t posted anything the last two Thursdays, because I’ve been busy investing my spare time somewhere else. Nap-time here equals blogging time or cleaning time or gardening time etc. I have to choose how to spend that time wisely. Recently, I’ve taken on a new project that has been consuming a lot of my spare time.

So my special announcement is… that I’m opening my very own, natural and organic candle shop online! I’ve been making my own candles for over two years now, and it has become a true passion of mine. I love all things natural and homemade, and finding ways to provide a toxic free lifestyle for my family. Regular paraffin candles fill the air up with toxic chemicals and waste products that are harmful when inhaled. My line of organic beeswax candles will actually help purify the air when they are burned. I’m so excited for this, and decided to share this news with you all first. I plan on opening the shop just before Mother’s Day, and giving an exclusive discount code to my blog followers. I look forward to continuing blogging each Thursday too.

Here’s an inside look at what I’ve been up to:


Since most of the candles and wax melts have been made, this week was all about getting the products photographed for the website. Look for more details and an official website in a few weeks!

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5 thoughts on “A Special Announcement!

  1. Dena says:

    Congrats your new adventure. I’m excited to see it and of course do some shopping! I loved the candles I got from you around the holidays and need some more. I miss ya, girl!


  2. Aunt Debbie says:

    Congratulations!!! Here’s wishing you much success and I look forward to trying your products and checking out your blog.


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