A Ladybug Birthday Party

Today my baby girl turned one. We had a very special day together, and enjoyed her baby class, picking out a new toy, and going to the park. Saturday we will celebrate again with Papa, by taking her to a local creamery that sells pastured cows milk and ice cream. She’ll get her very first ice cream cone, and get to see and pet some calves.

Countless people have told us how fast time would go, and they were right. This first year has flown by, but it’s left us with wonderful memories of loving on our sweet girl.

This past Saturday, we threw her a ladybug themed birthday party. It was a blast preparing for it! I thought I’d share some pictures, and point you to where I got most of these items, so that you can throw a ladybug party too.

Ladybug centerpieces. Mason jar, ladybug stickers, ‘Easter grass’, and a homemade ladybug cutout (used a cricut).


Plates and napkins from Party City.


These little boxes are from amazon, and the beautiful custom label from Evermine. I made lemon sour gummy snacks from one of my favorite blogs, mommypotamus.


This adorable monthly banner is from Little Bits Homemade.



Pin the dot on the ladybug from Amazon.


Bought colored clothes pins from Amazon and filled snack bags with grapes for ‘dragonflies’.


Cream cheese roll-ups for ‘snail shells’.


Crackers, veggie dip, olives and cherry tomatoes for ‘ladybug crackers’.


Lemonade and some blended blueberries and strawberries for ‘Ladybug lemonade’. Paper straws from Target.


Happy Birthday banner from Amazon, cupcake containers from Dollar Tree, and cupcake stand from Target.


Although I followed some cupcake recipes, I decided on calling them muffins, since the consistency of my ‘healthy cupcakes’ came out more like a muffin. I did chocolate, with maple buttercream frosting, vanilla with maple buttercream frosting, and carrot with honey cream cheese frosting. I followed this frosting recipe and used honey in place of maple syrup for the carrot muffins. They were all so delicious!


These ladybugs are actually rings! Perfect cupcake/muffin toppers, purchased from Amazon.


I love these custom name banners from one of my favorite etsy shops Little Bits Homemade. Oh, and did I mention we also did a surprise party for my husband? 🙂


We had a wonderful time celebrating!



2 thoughts on “A Ladybug Birthday Party

  1. iFOODreal.com says:

    Hi Brittney. Glad you liked my vanilla cupcake (muffin) recipe. Yes, they are heavier because are made with whole wheat flour. I didn’t want to use white flour even a bit to lighten them up because I thought cream on top would do the job cupcakes need to do. I love how you listed ingredients on the label.
    Beautiful party, beautiful family and you have a great heart!!! Being a mom and a wife is the most rewarding although the hardest job in the world.:)


    • Hillside Blessings says:

      Your recipe was delicious! I only called them muffins, because most of my guests probably weren’t used to not having cupcakes that are loaded with sugar! They were the perfect amount of sweet and I loved that we didn’t have to feel guilty about eating them. Being a mom is so wonderful, I hardly remember that it’s hard at times. I’m enjoying it so much. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


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