Encouragement for Busy Moms

Do you sometimes long to have more time to just read a good book, talk to a friend about life, or grow in your walk with the Lord? Sometimes mom’s need a little encouragement during the week, and it can be tough to find time to read, or call a friend, or get involved in a Bible study. It’s hard to find quiet time, and once I finally have it (usually during my daughter’s naps), I’m usually trying to catch up on cleaning and laundry and cooking.

While I was pregnant with my daughter, I discovered a wonderful way to gain some encouragement, listen to some parenting advice, grow in my walk with the Lord, and learn about hobbies that I’m interested in. I discovered the world of podcasts! I could be encouraged in motherhood, marriage, faith, gardening, etc. all while cleaning or cooking dinner for my family. I’ve been listening to several great podcasts since becoming pregnant, and still listen to them today (I actually just finished one on motherhood just ten minutes ago while cooking).

I thought I’d share my top favorite podcasts, so that you can be encouraged in your walk with God, gain wisdom with parenting, or just enjoy learning more about managing your household (gardening, cooking, homesteading, etc.). While I enjoy all the baby talk conversations with my little one, sometimes it’s nice to tune in and hear from other moms or godly role models. These podcasts have actually made me look forward to certain cleaning duties that I would otherwise dread. I hope you find encouragement from some of these as well!

The first podcast I began listening to, was Dr. James Dobson’s familytalk. My parents used to read Dr. James Dobson’s books on parenting when they were raising me, and I’ve been enjoying learning from him as well. I love the wisdom he shares, and enjoy the wide variety of topics discussed on each different broadcast. So many different topics are covered, from parenting, to marriage, to health, to politics, and so much more. I’m constantly feeling encouraged and growing in my walk with God through this great program!

I really enjoy learning about homesteading, as we have recently purchased a home with more land than we previously had. Homesteading is a dream of mine, and I love learning all about it! Melissa K. Norris’ podcast helps me learn about homesteading, as well as ways to build up a natural pantry, how to can foods, make broth, and so much more! Her podcast is so much fun to listen to and easy to learn from. I love the knowledge she shares about her homesteading journey.

Since we’ve moved, I’m so excited to have a larger garden than we’ve ever had before. Specifically an all organic garden. The Organic Gardener Podcast has been great to listen to for tips and wisdom on having an organic garden.

I love learning all about how to feed my family nourishing, organic foods. I believe that the desire to nurture our bodies, comes from the Lord. Dr. Eric Z has so much knowledge about eating and living healthy, and puts a complete Biblical perspective on it. You do have to sign up to gain access to the podcasts, but it’s totally free and well worth it!

The God Centered Mom podcast is my newest discovery. I’ve been really enjoying going through some of these podcasts, and can totally relate to the busy life of a stay at home mom. I enjoy listening to the different mothers that are interviewed, and hearing the journey’s that God is taking them through. I’ve already found myself in tears after listening to an interview with September McCarthy. This is truly a wonderful podcast!

I like to hop around through these podcasts depending on what mood I’m in, but I definitely am not able keep up with all of them! I enjoy having a variety of great options to listen to during my cleaning and cooking times. These are all great podcasts, and I encourage you to listen to one next time you’re dreading cleaning the bathrooms or scrubbing the floors. What podcasts do you enjoy listening to?



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