My Boar Bristle Brushing Routine

I’ve been using my new boar bristle brush for only a week and a half, and I already love the results! I have started making hair brushing a part of my nightly routine. Here are a few reasons why:

1.) Less Frequent Washing

I have already noticed that my hair doesn’t need washed as often. The boar bristle brush helps prevent frequent washing, by evenly distributing oils that would otherwise build up at the scalp.

2.) More Volume

My long hair is fairly fine in texture and usually lacks in volume. I notice an immediate increase in volume after brushing my hair. I can’t say from personal experience, however, I’ve read about the great benefits of this brush for all hair types (including curly hair!).

3.) Shiny, Frizz-free Hair

Because the brush evenly distributes oils throughout your hair, my hair has become less dull and frizzy, and more soft and shiny.

4.) Repairs Damaged Hair

This brush repairs damaged hair as the oils are brought from the scalp to the ends of the hair (where most hair damage takes place).

In general, brushing increases blood flow to your scalp, which ultimately stimulates hair growth (if you’re trying to grow out your hair). The massage on your scalp is another added bonus!

A boar bristle brush is used a bit differently from a regular brush. Using it the wrong way can create tangled and damaged hair. Here are the steps for using the brush:

1.) First use a comb throughout your hair to remove all knots.

2.) Brush in sections. Don’t run the brush through your hair (this will create knots), instead do one section at a time. Start from the bottom/back of your scalp and work towards the top/front.

3.) Brush from root to tip. This is how the brush becomes effective in working the oils through the hair.

*Note: Do not use on wet or damp hair!

Be sure to clean your brush regularly.

Each night before bed, I go through this short hair brushing routine, and I feel as though I can relate to women who lived long ago, who would sit and take time to gently brush through their hair with their boar bristle brushes.




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