Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner

A healthy lifestyle goes far beyond the food you eat. I’m constantly looking for ways to keep our home free of toxic chemicals. Most of the cleaners on the shelf at the store are not safe to inhale, ingest, or even to touch, yet we clean surfaces, kids toys, and so much more with them. I decided to go way back to the simple cleaners that were once used, before all of these chemical filled products were invented. So I started with vinegar – a great multi-purpose cleaner.

If you’re looking for an affordable, effective, natural all-purpose cleaner, try this homemade citrus spray made with vinegar. It’s easy to make, and only has three ingredients (two if you don’t count water)! I’ve been using this cleaner for a few years now, and love the fact that I know what ingredients I’m using to clean our home with.

I usually use lemons or oranges for this cleaner, but you could also use grapefruits or limes. The citrus peels add a little scent to the cleaner, but also make this cleaner more effective because of the oils that get pulled from the peels in the process.


Anytime I use lemons or oranges in cooking or baking, I always save the peels, throw them into a jar, fill half the jar with vinegar and the other half with water. I let the mixture sit for a few weeks, then use a mesh strainer to get rid of the peels and any leftover pulp, and then pour my cleaner into a bottle. It’s that easy!

Homemade Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner

-Distilled Vinegar

-Citrus Peels

-Glass jars

Place the citrus peels in jars. Fill up each jar halfway with vinegar, and then fill the rest of the jars up with water. Place lids on each jar, and let sit for several weeks (I usually let them sit a minimum of two weeks, but have let them sit longer). After a few weeks, use a mesh strainer to strain out the peels and any leftover pulp. Pour liquid cleaner into a bottle.


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