10 Baby Must-Haves For Natural Mamas


There are just so many products out there for a baby, and it can be a challenge to know what to register for. I know I felt very overwhelmed and unsure if I was making the right decision when registering for different items. And there are some items out there that are just unnecessary. It sure is hard to know which baby products are beneficial, and which are just a waste of money. Now that my little one is here, I thought I’d make a list of my absolute favorite products for a baby. There are some items that I got while preparing for my baby’s arrival that I could do without, but there are some items that make life with a baby so much easier! This is by no means a complete list of everything you’ll need for a registry. Hopefully it just gives some helpful ideas of items you’ll want to include on your registry! So here’s my list:

A good devotional. Those first weeks at home were a little rough at night. I need the Lord all the time, but during those weeks I needed His strength more than ever. Sometimes praying during those long, sleepless hours wasn’t always my first thought (I didn’t have many thoughts at all after being so sleep deprived), but my wonderful husband was so great about reminding me to pray, read Gods Word, or put some worship music on. I came across a devotional at a book sale called ‘Streams in the Dessert.’ This book has been a tremendous encouragement to me during those late night feeds. I don’t know how people go through any of life’s challenges without Jesus!

Earth Mama Angel Baby – I love all of their products! After researching different creams for breastfeeding, I realized that there isn’t a huge selection of creams that aren’t in some way exposed to chemicals or pesticides or contain GMOs. This concerned me because I don’t want to put that stuff on my breast, and ultimately in my baby’s mouth. Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Natural Nipple Butter is organic and free of GMOs. I love it! I also loved their stretch oil when I was pregnant. I put it on every night and I don’t have a single stretch mark from pregnancy. Some of my other favorites are, Baby Butt Balm, Baby Bath Blossoms, and Milkmaid Tea. Oh I could keep going on about this company, but I’ll stop with those five as my top favorite Earth Mama Angel Baby products!

Cloth diapers. This a huge must for me. Since I really care about what goes on or against my baby’s skin, this is the absolute best way to ensure that her little bum isn’t being exposed to dangerous chemicals. Even natural and organic brands of disposable diapers have questionable ingredients. Either way, the use of cloth is not only better for baby, it saves tons of money and helps allow for me to stay home with my baby. I’m not too picky with brands of diapers. We were blessed with several kinds of diapers, from Kawaii, to BumGenius, to prefolds – and they all work great. Oh, and cloth wipes take the savings a step further!

Baby Wraps. There are tons of great baby wraps out there, but I was looking to be as frugal as possible with our baby and decided to try the Moby wrap. The Moby wrap is amazing and affordable and I used it just about everyday during the first few months of my baby’s life. I am a huge believer in baby wearing and keeping your baby snuggled close, especially during the first few months. More recently I was given a Maya sling wrap and a Lillebaby carrier and love those as well. The sling wrap is my favorite for breastfeeding, and the Lillebaby is nice to have for on the go or for carrying for a long amount of time (mine came with a lower back support). If you just want a basic and versatile wrap that isn’t too expensive, the Moby wrap works fantastic. Baby wearing is the best thing ever. Seriously. When my girl gets fussy it calms her down almost immediately, and when she’s sleepy it helps her fall asleep so much faster. If you weren’t thinking of getting one, get one. My baby loves being in my arms so much that I wouldn’t be able to get dinner made or housework done without it. Baby wearing has increased our bond, and at seven months old, I still wear her just about every day.

Swaddle wrap. Either I have a really strong baby or I’m just bad with swaddling. I never could seem to get it to where my baby wouldn’t bust out of her blanket when she got startled. A friend told us about swaddle wraps and we gave them a shot. I’m so glad we did! As a newborn, our baby fought sleep whether swaddled or not. Once she would fall asleep the wrap would keep her secure and prevent her from startling herself awake. I loved the Summer Infant SwaddleMe Infant Wrap!

Nose Frida. It might sound disgusting to use your mouth on a plastic tube to suck the snot out of your baby’s nose (there’s a filter so nothing can get in your mouth), but trust me, you won’t care. It works so much better than the bulbs (which can get mold inside and cause them be a health hazard). And if your baby is like most, he or she won’t like getting their little noses cleaned out and you’ll want to get that snot out quickly. The Nose Frida gets the job done!

Coconut oil. Rashes, dry skin, disinfectant, and so much more. I even use some in my homemade diaper wipe solution.

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Pure Castile Liquid Soap Baby Mild Unscented. I love this stuff. It’s so great for baby’s sensitive skin and it’s made with natural organic oils. Be cautious not to get it in your baby’s eyes, as it is not tear free. Tear free actually means that a chemical has been added to prevent that burning sensation of getting soap in your eyes. I always first wipe my girl’s face with a damp cloth, and then use soap sparingly and gently over her face and avoid her eyes. This is a great soap for bath time or for a homemade diaper wipe solution. Castile soap has so many great uses (I even clean our floors with it), and a little goes such a long way!

Homemade baby powder. Baby powder works great at keeping my baby’s bottom dry and helps prevent diaper rashes. I put it on her bottom each night before bed and if she has a rash, and it’s just about gone by morning! Most store-bought baby powder contains talc, which is linked to certain types of cancer. This is why I prefer to use a safe and natural alternative, which is simply arrowroot powder. And if you want a scent, just mix in a drop of essential oil. Easiest homemade baby product ever!

Worship music and lullabies. This helps to calm baby down, but it helps to calm mama down too. I’m so thankful during those late nights that my husband encouraged me to play worship music when I was so exhausted. It helped to put my focus back on the Lord, and I knew that He would help me through those tough long first nights. I especially love Twila Paris’ album, ‘Bedtime Prayers: Lullabies and Peaceful Worship,’ and Jay Stocker’s alum, ‘Hidden In My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture.’ We still listen to these albums, and I love singing these songs to my baby girl.

If you are preparing for a baby, I hope you’ll find this list beneficial. If you already have a little one, I hope some of these items make their way into your home and make life with your baby even simpler. What are your must-have items for your baby?


2 thoughts on “10 Baby Must-Haves For Natural Mamas

  1. Jacquelyn says:

    I just wanted to thank you for the homemade baby powder idea. With my first I always used coconut oil when a rash struck and that worked ok. Now with my second I have been using arrowroot powder and it works so much better. It’s awesome! Thank you!


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