Ministry Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

God calls all of His followers to a daily lifestyle of ministry. Everything from your job, going out shopping, eating out at a restaurant, to being a stay at home mom, are all forms of ministry. Being an at home mom is such an enormous ministry, yet it seems a lot of stay at home mom’s feel that they should be serving outside of the home more. It can be easy to get caught up in the daily tasks of diaper changes and naps and dishes and laundry, but raising children in the ways of the Lord is such a wonderful and great call of ministry to women. Teaching your children to know and love Jesus, and being a godly wife, are some of the greatest ways for women to serve the Lord.

It is very important to teach our children to serve and minister to others, and the best way is to teach by example. It can be challenging trying to find ways to serve outside of the home when you’re busy taking care of your home and family. This post isn’t to make you feel like you aren’t doing enough, however, it is to encourage you to find small ways to serve outside of your home. This is a great testimony to others, as well as a tremendous example to your children. Here are a few ways I’ve found to serve others without leaving my home, or without going too far outside of my home.

-Bake something for your neighbors for a holiday or “just because.” Attach a note with an encouraging Scripture.

-Double a meal you make and drop it off to a mom who has just had a baby, or is sick, or is just plain overwhelmed.

-Send cards of encouragement to others. Also send thank you cards to others who have blessed you.

-Make care kits for the homeless. My husband and I are currently putting these kits together to keep handy in the car. As the cold weather approaches, this is a great time for making something like this. You can make the kits however you want, but here are the items we’ve put into our care kits:

-Water bottle

-$5 McDonald’s gift card

-2 fruits cups/2spoons

-Granola bars


-Christian track

-New testament

-Small first aid kit

-Pack of tissues

-2 maxi pads for women


-Petroleum jelly



-Small bar of soap

-Antibacterial hand wipes

-Hair tie




-Cough drops

-Rain poncho



-Winter hat


We placed the items in two large freezer bags (to keep the items from getting wet), and then we placed the two bags inside of a drawstring backpack. These can be purchased in bulk from Amazon.



-Visit a retirement home with your little ones. What a blessing little ones are to the elderly! You’re sure to brighten up their day and receive many smiles in return.

-Open up your home to others. Invite others over for a meal, a cup of coffee, or dessert. Don’t try to overdo anything and bring stress on yourself, or you’ll likely not to want to continue opening up your home. The goal is to encourage other families or individuals, and make them feel valued and welcome in your home.

-I coupon as much as I can for organic food items for our family, but there are tons of non-organic coupons out there for products we don’t personally use. While we may not have a need for those items, there are many people who would be so blessed to receive some of those products. I’ve recently started to coupon for non-perishable and household items. My husband and I can then give these items directly to someone in need or donate them to a local food pantry.


These are some simple ideas for reaching out to others, despite the business of life. Be sure to balance everything and don’t neglect your most important ministry opportunity of all, which is your family. I’d love to hear what ways you have found to minister to others while being a stay at home mom.


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